• Our family wanted to sincerely thank you for the wonderful gift of the Sandcrusier beach wheelchair for our son Braeden. It is difficult to adequately express exactly what this will mean for Braeden and us as a family. It gives us a freedom and opportunities we wouldn’t have without the beach wheelchair. We have regularly borrowed the beach wheelchairs, that council provide, while visiting Port Macquarie on holiday. It has been wonderful but it is still limiting. Most beaches only have one chair so we are always nervous that another person will be using the chair for the day in the peak season leaving us without a chair. We can only use the chairs when the life guards are on duty, meaning no early morning walks, or walks in the late afternoon on a summer’s evening. We have been limited to holidaying in destinations where the chairs are available, as it is the only way we can have access on the beach. Now that we have our own beach wheelchair we feel a world of opportunity has opened up to us. We have booked a holiday this summer to a destination where we wouldn’t have had access previously. While staying in Port Macquarie last weekend we went for a sunset walk on the beach and went to some less populated beaches because we can with our own chair. We look forward to many more adventures in the future with our beach wheelchair and would like to once again thank you for your generous gift.
  • Council has a new way of making our beaches more accessible for all - the Sandcruiser wheelchair. The Sandcruiser is designed for use on the beach, in the snowfields and on bush trails. The chair can navigate both dry and wet sand, as well as the shallows. It is stable in water levels up to the centre of the tyres, in still water conditions. It's stainless steel frame and UV stabilised acrylic upholstery are designed to resist the elements and make for easy cleaning. The Sandcruiser was purchased in February following research into the most suitable chairs for sand and water... Council now has four beach and trail access chairs for use across the shire.